Lagniappe Box Lagniappe Box

Now taking orders for our January Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around January 1st!!

The Lagniappe Box is a monthly Louisiana-themed box, which includes a never-before-seen T-shirt and artfully selected local product. Each month, SFT curates a box filled with all Louisiana products to accompany the release of its latest T-shirt design. Products in the box are a complete surprise when it arrives on the doorsteps of SFT customers.

“As a local small business, we love to support our fellow small businesses,” said Meredith Waguespack, owner of SFT. “Not only does our Local Lagniappe Box support local businesses, but it celebrates our community and state.”

SFT launched its first box in October 2016. Within four days, the 40 exclusive boxes sold out. Today, more than 150 people are subscribed to the monthly box. The box is exclusive to a maximum of 200 subscribers. With its gain in popularity, SFT created as a sister brand to coincide with SFT. The new website includes an inside look at previous boxes, other local brands, and the options to subscribe to and gift boxes. In addition, SFT launched an official Instagram account, @lagniappebox, that features box items and promotions exclusively around the Lagniappe Box.