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Now taking orders for our August Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around August 1st!!

September Lagniappe Box 18′

September Lagniappe Box

Steel Magnolias theme September Lagniappe Box by shopSFT

Our September Box is special for two reasons this month. For starters this year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our favorite Louisiana movie of all time: Steel Magnolias. The movies theme of friendship and strong southern women are the heart and inspiration behind your September Lagniappe box! The Steel Magnolias play was written by Robert Harling in only ten days and was based on a true story. He wrote the story as a way of coping with the passing of his sister, Susan. Susan later became Shelby and because the play was such a HUGE hit, Hollywood came calling and Steel Magnolias became a motion picture with an All-Star  class. The Steel Magnolias women have become iconic for so many reason, we built this box just for you, because we know there’s is a little steel magnolia in every southern girl!


The second reason to celebrate, is we are celebrating TWO YEARS of Lagniappe Box this month!! We couldn’t do it without YOU – so thank you for trusting our team to share Louisiana local love, delivered to your doorstep! Our mission from the very beginning of launching Lagniappe Box was to celebrate and share the local love behind each maker. You’re impacting small business growth in our local community each time you buy a Lagniappe Box!


A Little Steel Magnolia
Retail: $28

Your brand new tee by SFT designed to celebrate friendships that span lifetimes and the strength of a southern woman. Harling’s story is built around friendships and love for one another through the ups and downs of life. These women poured out love and uplifted one another, they are the truest examples of southern gems of our time.

Steel Magnolia Theme September Lagniappe Box by shopSFT


Pink Peony Lipstick
Kismet ·
Retail: $16

My colors are Blush & Bashful (not “pink & pink”), Shelby expresses as the ladies gossip in Truvy’s Beauty Spot. The Steel Magnolia ladies loved to pamper themselves and we are sure they would love everything from Kismet Cosmetics! In honor of Shelby’s wedding colors, we’ve included a stunning shade of lipstick, Pink Peony. Kismet is located in Covington a beauty brand that likes to think of itself as a fashion brand, not just another beauty line. “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize,” Clairee says it best!

Kismet Lipstick in the September Lagniappe Box by shopSFT

Rose Water
Cake Face Soap ·
Retail: $9.99


The wedding scene plays such a huge part in the movie, the anticipation, the cakes, the decorations! M’lynn may have thought it looked like the sanctuary was hosed down with Pepto-Bismol, but we couldn’t help but to be inspired by the gorgeous roses and flowers found throughout the wedding. Inspired by roses, we found Cake Face Soaps of New Orleans and their wonderful rose water spray. This mister will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling like a sweet like a rose!

Cake Face Soaping in the September Lagniappe Box by shopSFT

Dolly Parton Postcard
A Ward of Draw Comic Designs ·
Retail: $5 (custom size for Lagniappe Box)


The movie revolves around Dolly’s character, Truvy’s Beauty Shop. The salon wasn’t just about cuts, dyes and perms. Truvy’s Beauty Spot was where bonds of friendship were formed and cemented through hours of conversation.  Dolly’s natural wit and charm came through in her character, Truvy, when she said “Smile. It increases your face value”. Celebrate Dolly by framing this postcard for your wall or sending a special friend a postcard, just because.


Votive Magnolia Candle
Nolas Lip and Soap ·
Retail: $7 (custom size for Lagniappe Box)


Clairee is a true southern magnolia in the movie. She knows life is too short to be so serious and always was there for her friends with laughter and honesty: good or bad. She was a fancy women, who we think would fill her house with this wonderful Magnolia scented votive candle from Nolas Lip and Soap. They were one of our very first local makers, two years ago, and it’s great to work with them once again!

Nolas Candles and Soap September Lagniappe Box by shopSFT

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