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Now taking orders for our February Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around February 1st!!

April Lagniappe Box 19

“Spring into Spring with Sweet Baton Rouge Love”


Your April Box was created with Baton Rouge small business and makers in mind: from your new t-shirt to the products found inside your box – they all come from local Baton Rouge Businesses!  With this being our first Louisiana City Highlight box, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on highlighting more cities! Our vision for this box was to source the very BEST in Baton Rouge for a box with pops of bold color and springtime theme that you’re bound to enjoy!

Louisiana Monsteras: Sweet Baton Rouge ·
Retail: $30
Meet your April Box tee with our first of its kind, the Louisiana Monsteras. We worked with Marc Verett, a Baton Rouge artist locally known as Marc Fresh, to bring his artwork to a Sweet Baton Rouge® tee. You can find his artwork all over Baton Rouge through the The Walls Project 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which was created 5 years ago. Enjoy your new eclectic one-of-a-kind art by Marc Fresh this spring!



Hemp Honey Balm:
So Yaya ·
Retail: $3.00
We had the pleasure to work with Baton Rouge owner Rachel Laymoun last summer, and we are bringing her back with her new hemp honey balm from So Yaya, an all natural skincare line. The new balm is made of our favorite ingredients with honey scented beeswax from a local Baton Rouge beekeeper, lightweight hemp oil to give it a green hue, and rich castor oil to protect your lips. The blend is perfect to carry you through spring with soft, kissable lips!

Simply SoYaya Baton Rouge
Photo: Paige Montana

Mauve Pom Pom Earrings:
Elohim + Nim ·
Retail: $14
Elohim + Nim, an online boutique who is set to re-launch this spring. Your beautiful new mauve pom pom earrings were all made by hand and designed to not only make you look your best, but also feel your best as you help equip a woman for success with every pair. The brand’s mission is to empower women by creating jobs for them and bringing fair trade accessories and apparel. We are excited to see what Elohim + Nim has in store for Baton Rouge!


Harmony Bath Bomb:
Retail: $6.95
We are sharing with you a hand-crafted all natural bath bomb made right here Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Harmony bath bomb is here for you to enjoy when the days are long and tough. Relax in luxury with this fresh scented bath bomb to leave you feeling extra harmonious.  

Air Plants:
Baton Rouge Succulents·
Retail: range from $5 to $8
With spring in the air, we had to work with Baton Rouge Succulents! We hope you enjoy these unique and easy to care for Air Plants. They don’t need soil to grow and each leaf is covered in specialized scales known as trichomes, which have the ability to absorb water and nutrients. They thrive in temps from 50-90 degrees — so in Louisiana, these make the perfect plants! Enjoy!

Baton Rouge-Succulents-Airplant


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