Lagniappe Box Lagniappe Box

Now taking orders for our February Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around February 1st!!

June Lagniappe Box 18′

June  Lagniappe Box

This months box was built around summertime in Louisiana and indulging into local festivals, great food, and making new memories. In Louisiana we love to embrace the heat and cool down even more with a glass of sweet tea! With our newest t-shirt patriotic themed but allows for reminiscing of your sweet southern Louisiana past catching those rare fireflies. This box has something for everyone inside.

May Lagniappe Box

Freedom & Fireflies Tee:
Retail: $28
Let your light shine and dream big because this land was made for you and me with our Freedom & Fireflies Tee. This summer we had to bring you a tee that represents our great country and favorite past time fun! God Bless America and enjoy your newest tee by SFT all summer long, and maybe you’ll even see a little firefly!

June Lagniappe Box

Waikiki Tea
Red Stick Spice
Retail: $3.99
Sweet Tea and Sunshine is all you need! We hope this summer while spending it outdoors enjoy a pitcher of tea with your family on the porch or picnicking. Enjoy this speciality Waikiki Tea with rich black tea and lots of surprises from passionfruit, mango and kiwi.

June Lagniappe Box

Wedding Cake Snow Cone
Ice Bites
Retail: $1.99
We have the perfect summertime treat, with a Wedding Cake snow cone, sure to cool you off! The perfect blend of vanilla, almond and other secret flavors, and it truly tastes like scrumptious wedding cake and frosting.

June Lagniappe Box

Creamy Balsamic Dressing
Hanley’s Dressing
Retail: $5.00
Summertime picnics is usually the first thing that comes to mind to enjoy fresh local ingredients to make a salad. We found this delicious, creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing that’s just right!  Also, great as a marinade for steaks on those summer evenings night by the grill!

June Lagniappe Box

Shrimp Fry
Louisiana Fish Fry
Retail $1.65
Life’s better with friends and family all gathered around the shrimp fry! Enjoy your Louisiana Fish Fry Shrimp Fry this summer!

St. Christopher Tassel Keychain
Annie Claire Designs
Retail: $16.00
With summertime full of  adventure this locally made St. Christopher keychain is to travel with you wherever you may go to keep you safe and protected as he is the Patron Saint of Travelers. Enjoy your beautiful summer and tag us #lagniappebox wherever your next adventure brings you.

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