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Now taking orders for our February Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around February 1st!!

November Lagniappe Box 20′

Full on Thanksgiving 


We hope this box brings you local Louisiana blessings into your home this Thanksgiving and fills your heart and table with love from our team. We are so grateful for your humbling love for all things local and support of Lagniappe Box. We are so grateful for you. You bring us so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! These boxes bring us much joy to build and curate for you to enjoy these one-of-a-kind items from around Louisiana! We hope your hearts and bellies are full this Thanksgiving and we hope your celebration is extra special this year with friends and family. 


Louisiana Red Beans

Sweet Baton Rouge ·

Retail: $30

Red Beans in Louisiana is a huge deal year-round and make for a yummy dish at Thanksgiving, Show your love for Louisiana and Red Beans with our newest t-shirt this Thanksgiving with our super soft light blue tee, all you need is a full plate of Thanksgiving Dinner and your extra stretchy pants to make this a super fun Thanksgiving look!


Turkey Thanksgiving Cookie Cutter

Liz Viz ·

Retail: $4

Gather around the counter with your kids or family to create your own fun version of a Turkey Thanksgiving sugar cookie. Grab your recipe, bowl, and icings for some fun time baking. These 3D printed cookie cutters are made locally in Youngsville, Louisiana since 2011 creating just about anything you could think of for cookie making! 


Deck O’ Meals Recipe Cards

Deck O’ Meals  ·

Retail: $7

The Deck O’ Meals recipe cards are a great way to showcase the unique food of Southern Louisiana.  A favorite Cajun expression is “To pass a good time.”  The three main ingredients for that Cajun recipe are: Good friends, Good Music and most importantly, Good Food! Use these cards at Thanksgiving and try something new! 


Pecan Candies

Pointe Coupee ·

Retail: $6

Pecans at Thanksgiving is such a southerly staple, we couldn’t ship out pies but we could still send you some yummy pecan options like these two assorted flavors by Pointe Coupee, located across the Mississippi River in Port Allen, Louisiana,  from their  luscious creamy milk chocolate pecans to their pecan candies, that will just delight your taste buds with a praline flavored Thanksgiving gourmet treat.


Cajun Gumbo

Rajun Cajun ·

Retail: $4

Here in Louisiana, we take food very seriously! We are pretty passionate about food and what will be on the Thanksgiving dinner table, it’s all the talk and this Louisiana dish is Cajun approved and hand-crafted in Broussard, Louisiana, thanks to Rajun Cajun Gumbo Mix will take care of the rest, all you need is your meat of choice for your Thanksgiving feast.


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