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Now taking orders for our February Lagniappe Box, shipping begins on or around February 1st!!

September Lagniappe Box 19

“Find Love in All the Local Places”

Lagniappe Box was created 3 years ago as we found ourselves really digging deep into ways to connect smaller, upcoming makers with consumers. A team dream for love of all things local.  We knew we weren’t the only ones out there, eagerly looking for the next local artisan or product. We also know we all have very busy lives & not everyone has time to stroll through fairs and festivals, so we decided to bring the discovery of Louisiana to your doorstep every month, we couldn’t do that without, so thank you!!! Louisiana is such a great place to call home. We celebrate the diversity, the culture, the people, the love – and most importantly the food! 

September Lagniappe Box

Building the love for our local community through each and every box has been so much fun, we have shipped out over 5,000 Lagniappe Boxes in the last three years spreading the word around 50 + Louisiana businesses is the reason behind it all!  

“As a local small business, we love to support our fellow small businesses,” said Meredith Waguespack, owner of Sweet Baton Rouge. “Not only does our Local Lagniappe Box support local businesses, but it celebrates our community and state.”

Lots of Louisiana Love
Sweet Baton Rouge ·
Exclusive to Lagniappe Box
Our Lots of Louisiana Love t-shirt encompasses the love for our great state. Louisiana has countless features that make it unique. One thing that makes Sweet Baton Rouge unique is our love for our state and making t-shirts that represent it. This shirt parades our devotion to living and loving local.  

Sweet Baton Rouge Exclusive Lagniappe Box

Red Kidney Beans 
Camellia Brand ·
Retail: $3.25

Did you ever hear the Red Beans & Rice on Monday song in kindergarten and wonder why on Monday? Well here you have it, folks, traditionally Mondays were the days that the laundry and other household duties were dealt with so the woman of the house would cook Red Beans & Rice because it requires little to no attention. We choose to work with Camellia Brand for our beans because they truly take the local Louisiana taste right to your mouth. This meal option is inexpensive and tastes just like home. 

Camellia Brand Red Kidney Beans for Lagniappe Box

Cajun Country Popcorn Rice
Cajun Country Rice ·
Retail: $3.00

There are many popcorn rice brands to choose from, but we chose Cajun Country Popcorn Rice because it is made right next door in Crowly, Louisiana and has been made there since 1942! This family-run operation had been highlighting the varieties of rice grown in Louisiana for decades. Each special rice type they produce has a fragrant quality, and unparalleled taste makes Cajun Country very popular. It creates a warm feeling to make any dish taste like granny’s home-cookin’. Although popcorn rice can be enjoyed with any recipe, we love it the most when it accompanies red beans! 

Cajun Country Popcorn Rice for Lagniappe Box

Baton Rouge Print 
Aline Moreaux Designs ·
Retail: $5.00

This gorgeous 8×10 print was created by Aline Prints + Design which first began in the summer of 2018, but Baton Rouge local Aline Moreaux has been creating Louisiana inspired art for years. We are always excited to show off Baton Rouge and our amazing state in any way possible. A Line Moreaux Designs created this piece to represent their favorite parts of Baton Rouge as well as our very own Petey the Pelican the Sweet Baton Rouge mascot in your new Baton Rouge print.  Her designs are influenced and style of her art, they all range from painterly watercolors to folksy digital works.  

A Line Moreaux Designs Baton Rouge Print for Lagniappe Box

St. Charles Candle
Nolas Lip & Soap ·
Retail: $10.00

Loving local is about more than just what you wear or eat, it’s about feeling at home while doing those things and more. The St. Charles candle captures the true essence of what Louisiana is. The smell of beautiful flowers and Spanish Oak Moss has memories attached to them of Louisiana traditions. Southern charms and family memories are waiting for you in the smell of this elegant 4 oz candle. Nolas is located in Covington and was one of our first vendors whenever Lagniappe Box first launched three years ago. We love how they were our first vendor and the beginning of building local relationships to bring you a taste and touch of Louisiana. 

St. Charles Candle Nolas Candles for Lagniappe Box

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